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A short summary of Clinical Coordination Unit:

- Coordination between Prince Sultan College for EMS and collaborating hospitals in training students
- Coordination between Prince Sultan College for EMS and the Department of Training and Development in Saudi Red Crescent.
- Supervision of college students in the collaborating  hospitals and centers of the Saudi Red Crescent, where the number reached 12 which have been divided into three centers to facilitate the supervision of the students by the follow-up field preceptors.

The preceptors are distributed on these established centers.

Staff of Clinical Coordination Unit
Name Tasks Extension mail @
Dr. Riyad Al Hazmi Director of Clinical Coordination Section ---- rialhazmi@KSU.EDU.SA
Dr. Charles A Villanueva Fisdap / Clinical Practice Unit Developer ---- cvillanueva@KSU.EDU.SA
Jehad Almansour Fisdap Supervision and Coordination ---- jalmansour@KSU.EDU.SA
Mohammed Al Shaeri Clinical Practice Unit ---- malshairy@KSU.EDU.SA
Fahad Alnemer  Clinical Practice Unit ---- falnemer@KSU.EDU.SA
Fawaz Alanazi Clinical Practice Unit ---- fawalanazi@KSU.EDU.SA
Updated January 2019