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Prince Sultan College for EMS seeks to have an excellent medical contribution through identifying a set of values as follows:

Excellence and Quality: The college is committed to achieving the quality as a basis of reaching the excellence and strives to be distinguished in all aspects of education, research and services in line with the international criteria to meet the expectations of the stakeholders and answer their inquiries.

Innovation and Creativity: The college is committed to creativity at work and working to raise the spirit of creativity in the means and the outputs.

Honesty and Professionalism: Making the honesty and professionalism as a drive of quality and excellence, for that the college has been established with the belief of inseparability between the honesty and the committed professionalism, planning and evaluation.

Working as one team: The college is committed to working as a team to promote the leading role of the college in the domain of EMS inside and outside the kingdom.

Long-life Evidence-based education: The college is committed to graduating a well-trained and highly qualified cadres in the aspect of practicing evidence based education for life as a means for research and education to ensure providing a distinguished emergency medical care within international ethical basis promote the spirit of creativity.

Credibility and Accountability: The college is committed to setting a clear standards ruled by secured laws for the health of the patient and the specific responsibility of the physician to limit the risks of any medical negligence and to ensure a secured environment compatible with needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Partnership: Building bridges of communication and enhancing partnership among the health sectors to set-up a distinguished health sector, depending on healthy integration between the peer colleges and institutes National and Internationally.