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Fellow Assessments and Examinations

  • The fellow is evaluated at the end of each rotation using the designed evaluation form (provided) by faculty in the training site, and has to achieve above 70% to pass the rotation.
  • Promotion Examination at the end of each year and to be prepared and approved by program committee passing is above 70%
  • At the end of the program fellow will be legible to enter the final exam after completion of all rotation and courses 
  • Promotion Exam is written exam
  • Final Examination will consist of written exam, OSCE and oral.
  • A log-book which details the procedures the fellow has to do throughout the years, when assisting in patient care. That log-book should be evaluated by the supervising faculty in the PSCEMS on 1-3 months’ basis and follow by constructive feedback. In last year should be approved by program committee prior to the graduation.