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Fellowship Mission, Goals and Objectives

To educate and inspire qualified EMS providers to excel as leaders in the field of pre-hospital emergency care, community healthcare, and disaster medicine through the supportive educational environment, the collaborative scientific research, the continuous medical education, and the effective community partnership.


  • To prepare the qualified paramedic to be an expert in his field
  • Mastery and excellence in promoting the capabilities and competencies of EMS professionals to provide high quality patient care
  • A motivated environment for teaching, learning and acquiring skills of advance emergency medical services 
  • Elevating the research capacity of the EMS professionals


  • To prepare EMS qualified professionals in providing high quality critical care in the pre-hospital setting.
  • To advance the progress of fellows in Disasters Management through prepare in responding to and recovering from all types of hazards and disasters.
  • Providing EMS professionals with the required skill in community health care.
  • To improve the leadership skill and administration efficiency in EMS Paramedics.
  • To provide fellows with research knowledge and skills that will allow them to contribute to and advance the scientific research in the EMS field.