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Graduate Unit

A. Description of Function:
A Graduate unit is a unit concerned to all our graduates to facilitate the transition of students from the educational environment to the working environment in order to keep the College a permanent and strong link, so that graduation is not the end of the relationship with the educational institution.
1. Promotes and provides support to all the Needs and concerns of all the graduates Prince Sultan College for EMS.
2. The Unit strictly abide its philosophy and standards aligned to the Mission and Vision of the College and of the King Saud University as a whole. 

A.A. Vision
To sustain lifelong proudness and loyalty to PSCEMS by its Alumni

A.B. Mission
Inspire loyalty to PSCEMS by its graduates via strengthening professional and personal connections by maintain lifelong relationship through providing diverse special events and lectures to alumni and current students to increase employment opportunities in the labor market.

B. Relation of Function:
The Head of Graduate Unit is in contact continuously and directly reporting to the Vice Dean of Quality and Development of PSCEMS.

C. Duties and Responsibilities of the Function:
1. Preparing and submitting the comprehensive annual report to the Head of Graduate Unit in the main University, after the approval and guidance of the Vice Dean of Quality and Development.
1.1. The unit will gather all data to all newly graduate added in the main graduate profile dashboard every end of each school calendar year.
1.2. The unit will prepare a comprehensive summary report submitted for approval and guidance to the office of the Vice Dean of Quality and Development.
1.3. Office of the Vice Dean of Quality will send the official report after approval to the office of Graduate Unit in the main University.
2. Participates with the college annual orientation every beginning of the School Year.
2.1. Every beginning of the school year, in collaboration with the quality and development unit, creating Orientation program not only to the new students, newly joined faculty and staff and to the newly graduates to start their Internship Program to have the knowledge about the services of the unit to the college.
3. Creating and maintaining, the Graduate Profile Dashboard GPD to have a complete data of the professional advancement of the Graduates of the college.
3.1. All PSCEMS graduates are accounted from the year 2012 up to present each batch of graduates has a separate sheet that can edited by the person in charge of the dashboard or as delegated by the head of Graduate Unit.  In each school year.
3.2. The GPD contains all the activities listed below:
3.2.a. Batch of Graduation.
3.2.b. Contacts such as Email and Mobile Numbers
3.2.c. Employment status 
3.2.d. Name of Organization or facility that employed the graduate. 
4. Update at end of every semester, the GPD to facilitate the veracity and accuracy of the data collected.
5. Close collaboration to the activities conducted by the Board of EMS BLUE (Graduate group of the college) address the needs of the graduates of the college. The office of Graduate Unit Founded EMS BLUE on November 8th , 2020 governed by the graduates of PSCEMS, it has its own bylaws that aligned to the mission and vision of the college and of the University.
5.1. Head of graduate unit, attends as adviser for the Regular EMS BLUE BOARD meeting every semester.
5.2. All programs and activities and proposals by EMS BLUE will be submitted to the office of graduate unit for review and to the office of the vice dean of quality for approval.
6. Provide feedback regarding the task given to the graduate unit through:
6.1. “Monthly Report” during the monthly meeting, the monthly progress report be discussed, and will be guided and approved by the vice dean of quality and development.
7. Acts as a resource person in any development and reviewing of Graduate Unit, for any Quality Improvement initiatives.
7.1. The office of the graduate unit work hand in hand with the office of quality and development unit by providing all necessary data needed to facilitate the reports needed in quality and development side.
7.1.1 providing data pertaining to Graduates Satisfaction survey for the completion of the annual reports.
7.1.2 preparing and collecting data for maintaining the achieved accreditation by the college. Such as employment survey and employer survey. Which are all done annually. 
8. Perform related duties assigned by the Vice Dean of Quality and Development such as:
8.1. Information dissemination
8.2. Data collection
8.3. Reminding & updating Graduate Board   for all activates and programs sponsored by the college.
Organization Chart
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