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A short summary on Simulation Labs Unit:

Virtual laboratory is one of the applications of the so-called virtual reality, and one of the innovations of Educational Technology, which is considered an artificial learning environment or fictional substitute for the actual fact and emulates it, and the learner here, lives in an imaginary environment interact, participate and deal with it through his senses and with the help of manikins and some backing devices.

The virtual laboratories are known as  an open environment through which emergency medical services are simulated, linking the practical side with theoretical and through which thinking skills are being taught, and students have a free hand to make decisions under the supervision of faculty members without having any adverse effects.
It is also known as virtual learning and teaching environment aimed at developing medical work skills among students and virtual labs represent a technological innovations that have emerged in the recent period, which is an extension of the electronic simulation systems, they simulate the real situation and can get results similar to the results of real life.
Virtual labs are programmed, mimic the real world, and through which, the learner can conduct laboratory experiments on dummies for any possible number of times, also thoughts of the courses can be covered by virtual experiments which is difficult to achieve in reality due to the limited practice time and the number of labs.
Department tasks:
  • - Operating the devices,programs and manikins which are  similar to humans .
  • -Supervising the devices and doing regular maintenance for them in coordination with local companies in this field.
  • - Identifying the needs of the programs and virtual experiences on a regular basis and work on updating.
  • - Providing medical supplies for labs in  the college.
  • - Submit medical consumable purchase requests to the University to provide them.
  • - Doing a warehouse inventory on  a regular basis
Staff of Simulation Lab Unit
Name Task Extension mail @
 Dr.Rateb Ahmed Abu Zaid Director of of Simulation Lab Unit 119 rabuzeid@KSU.EDU.SA
 Demonstrator/Yousef Al Majed  Lab Coordinator   yaalmajed@KSU.EDU.SA
Jehad Al Mansour Administrative Work 229 jalmansour@KSU.EDU.SA
Mohammed al-Balawi Supervisor, Simulation Lab Unit 178 malbalwe@KSU.EDU.SA
Waleed Hazzazi Lab Coordinator 181 whazazi@KSU.EDU.SA
Khaled Al Olayani Lab Coordinator 180 kalalyane@KSU.EDU.SA
Sami Al-Sahli  Lab Coordinator 180 salaehli@KSU.EDU.SA
Fahd Al Buraimi  Lab Coordinator 180 falburaimi@KSU.EDU.SA
Yahya Abu al-Hasan Lab Coordinator 178 yabumansour@KSU.EDU.SA
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