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Head of the Department

Message from the Chairman of EMS Department

The establishment of the Department of Emergency Medical Services was associated with the decision of founding the College of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz for EMS at King Saud University, which aims to be a world class university and a leader in promoting the major of emergency medical services and to keep up with the increasing demand for graduating EMS specialists according to high standards and a high level of training and contribute to the set standards of education in this specialty.

The Department oversees the emergency medical services program through the Department’s Council and distinguished faculty members, researchers and demonstrators with a high level of experience, performance and knowledge of the specialty.

The Department puts more emphases on the practical training throughout the advanced simulation labs, which are designed and equipped with the latest methods of learning and technical novelties in the education of EMS as well as a number of skilled technicians who are capable of managing and processing laboratories and ensure its readiness for all required skills. 
Emergency Medical Services Program
There is a currently one program for the emergency medical services, which is a program of Bachelor of Emergency Medical Services, where the students spend 3 years after the preparatory year and after that a year of internship, The program has been enriched with many courses in line with the international benchmarks and skills which are required by our graduates.
It is worth mentioning that designing our curriculum came through the collective efforts of our faculty members in the department and won the praise of the internal and external curriculum examiners.
The Department in addition to management of the educational process, also participates in many events, activities and occasions held by the college, and the faculty members participates in many development courses and training and conducting several training courses for the students. The program provides the students’ access to specialized courses accredited internationally like PALS, ACLS, BLS, AMLS and PHTLS and a number of (instructor) courses that enrich the student skills record through which he prepares himself for the labor market.
Chairman of the Department

Emergency Medical Services
Dr. Ahmed Al Wathinani, PhD

Asst.Prof. of Emergency & Disaster Management


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