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Beginning of the College
Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz College for Emergency Medical Services is considered  the first college, which was established in the field of emergency medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under resolution No. (23/49/1429) dated 09/27/1429 AH, and it is considered one of the first specialized colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to meet the growing need for specialists in emergency medical services. It has been established within the efforts of the university and its academic plans to promote the healthy development and the medical sector throughout the country.
The academic program was commenced in the first semester for the academic year 1428/1429 AH, by the College of Applied Medical Sciences in the Department of Health Community as a new program titled “Emergency Medical Care” after the approval of the Higher Education Council on the resolution No. (3 /1430) in its forty-fourth session. Then, the name of the college was amended to become Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services under the resolution No. (MB/4464) dated 28/5/1428H. 
Members of the College Council
Member Position
Professor Dr. Khalid bin Ali Fouda Chairman of the Council – Dean of the College
Dr. Hashim bin Mohammed bin Salleeh Vice-Dean of the College for Development and Quality
Dr Abdul Majeed bin Abdul Rahman Al Drees Vice-Dean of the College for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
Dr.Daifallah Abdullah bin Mnahi Alrzaini Vice Dean of the College for Academic Affairs
Dr. Osama bin Abdel Halim Samarkandi Head of the Department for Basic Sciences
Dr. Zuhair bin Ahmed Asiri External Member - Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Tariq bin Abdullah Al-Zahrani External Member - Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul Rahim Abdul Momin External Member - Faculty of Medicine

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