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Sport Club
Due to the provider’s of EMS need to high fitness and to avoid injuries, and out of the college keenness to graduate students at higher levels of all-round physical, scientific and cultural, a sport club was established to provide all potential to practice sports of all kinds by creating a full gym containing several sports and to provide subscriptions in outdoor sports and guide students to take advantage of the sports facilities provided by King Saud University.

Sport Club functions: -

1. Provide the necessary sport equipment in the college.
2. Conduct sports competitions in various sports.
3. Offer a  subscription in external Gym.
4. Inform the students about  sport competitions at the university level.

Sport Club members: -

1. Dr. Osama Samarkandi (Head of Student Activities)
2. Fahad Al Shammari (Supervisor of students Affairs)
3. Yazeed Sunbul (Supervisor of sport activities)

*Members list will be completed as soon as it is ready.

The activities of the sport club plan: 

1. Football contest among the college sections.
2. Swimming competition among college students.
3. Table tennis competition among college students.
4. Playstation contest among college students.
5. Resco table soccer competition among college students

التحديث جمادى الآخر 1439هـ Updated February 2018