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In the light of what have been mentioned, a set of strategic objective which achieve vision and mission of the college have been formulated as follows:

  • The first strategic objective: distinction and excellence of the academic programs in the college.
  • The second strategic objective: motivated environment on learning, teaching and acquiring skills of EMS.
  • The third strategic objective: developing the professional performance in the EMS domain in the kingdom.
  • The fourth  strategic objective: promoting the capabilities and competence of the researchers and faculty members.
  • The fifth  strategic objective: supporting the resources of teaching, learning, training and scientific research.
  • The seventh  strategic objective: developing programs of higher studies to keep up with the international criteria and scientific research.
  • The eighth  strategic objective: building bridges of communication with the community(internally and externally) and with international peer colleges and institutes.
  • The ninth  strategic objective: upgrading the competence of the administrative system and mechanizing all the administrative services.
  • The tenth  strategic objective:  enhancing the continuity of the financial resources in the college.