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College Quality Culture

It was not easy since nobody likes change and nobody adjusts easily in cultural transformation. Having said that, the task of flourishing Quality Culture was a difficult one faced with multiple challenges, hurdles and criticism. Establishing Quality Culture is lot like constructing a building with blocks inclusive of understanding the history behind the current culture, strategies to improve these without tampering, developing lion heart to listen and observe resistances and finally involving everyone at the same time. All this is not possible without hard team work under unified leadership, involving proactive approach and developing brave heart to face criticism from various walks of life. This entire establishment phase is followed by making it sustainable in the long run.

Activities to flourish Quality Culture can be broadly categorized as:

  • Academic Accreditation
  • Auditing and Affiliations
  • Training's, Workshops 
  • Delegations/ Dignitaries
  • Monitoring Academic Performance
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