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Message from the Dean In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful We started the initiative and accepted the challenge, the onset  was  on 18/7/1430 AH, and we were in a race against the time, we accepted the challenge to build an entire academic system in the science of emergency medical services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our vision is to be (regional leadership and international excellence in preparing competitive and creative outcomes in the disciplines of emergency medical science), and all praise is due to Allah, we made it; we got what we want. What increases our  excellence are  the outstanding creativity of our students in the classroom and in the field, excellence of faculty members and dedication of the college staff to achieve the objectives of the college, our thanks and gratitude are extended to those participated in the process of construction whose efforts have been instrumental. The college was able over the last short period to graduate distinct competencies to the labor market in the science of emergency medical services and the college was also able to attract a group of young Saudis and sent them on scholarship to obtain higher degrees in the college disciplines to complete the process towards excellence and leadership. In conclusion, the college still has a lot of aspirations and goals will seek to be achieved to complete construction in the country of generosity and development. Dr. Hashim bin Mohammed bin Salleeh The Dean Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Sservices      


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PSCEMS Students
PSCEMS Students "Orientation Day" Academic Year 1438-1439H at new location

By: Abdullah Al-Faifi: At early morning of Sunday September 17th, 2017 the "PSCEMS Student Club" hosted and organized the Orientation Day event for the new students at the new location Prince Sultan C

Relocation of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services, King Saud University
Relocation of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services, King Saud University

Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services "PSCEMS" transfered to the following address: Building Number: 9063, "Prince Fahad ibn Ibrahim Al Saud" Street in Al Malaz District c

The 4th Emergency Medical Services Students Olympics Event (2017 - 1437/1438H)
The 4th Emergency Medical Services Students Olympics Event (2017 - 1437/1438H)

Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Medical Emergency College has recently held its fourth Annual Emergency Medical Services Olympics games, with the participation of a number of Emergency Medicine and Emerg

International excellence and a leading college in the region in preparing competitive and creative outputs in the majors of emergency medical services.


Graduating qualified competencies to provide emergency medical care of high quality, through the supportive educational environment, the distinctive scientific research, continuous medical education, optimal use of the recent technology, the best use of the available resources and the active partner


Prince Sultan College for EMS seeks to have an excellent medical contribution through identifying a set of values as follows: Excellence and Quality: The college is committed to achieving the quality as a basis of reaching the excellence and strives to be distinguished in all aspects of education


Strategic Goal

In the light of what have been mentioned, a set of strategic objective which achieve vision and mission of the college have been formulated as follows:

  • The first strategic objective: distinction and excellence of the academic programs in the college.
  • The second strategic objective: motivated environment on learning, teaching and acquiring skills of EMS.
  • The third strategic objective: developing the professional performance in the EMS domain in the kingdom.
  • The fourth  strategic objective: promoting the capabilities and competence of the researchers and faculty members.
  • The fifth  strategic objective: supporting the resources of teaching, learning, training and scientific research.
  • The seventh  strategic objective: developing programs of higher studies to keep up with the international criteria and scientific research.
  • The eighth  strategic objective: building bridges of communication with the community(internally and externally) and with international peer colleges and institutes.
  • The ninth  strategic objective: upgrading the competence of the administrative system and mechanizing all the administrative services.
  • The tenth  strategic objective:  enhancing the continuity of the financial resources in the college.



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