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FISDAP (Field InternShip Data Acquisition Project) is an Internet-based program that will help track your experiences during field and hospital internships. For many years EMS programs have measured student progress in numbers of hours, yet no one before this has done any formal research on what kinds of experiences occur within those magical hours that you ride-along. FISDAP will help us learn more about the true nature of what you are learning during clinical and internships.

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Benefits of FISDAP:

You will be able to:
1. Get progress reports on skills you have performed and/or observed.
2. Get a print out of your scheduled shifts.
3. Compare yourself to other students (anonymously).
4. Validate you have met program requirements.
5. Compare your program to other programs involved in the study.
6. Contribute to the improvement of future EMS internships.
7. Evaluate preceptors and agencies providing input for future changes or enhancements.

Rules Of FISDAP:

1. Be Truthful -  Please!
Your data is extremely important to you and to future students. If it is incorrect it will skew our results and damage research. Furthermore, entering any false information is a violation of this program’s policies and college requirements and also may be a violation of state laws.

2. Enter Your Data Promptly and Be Thorough
We ask that you try to enter your data within 24 hours of your call and/or shift. If a computer connected to the Internet is available at the hospital ambulance station/base, please enter the data immediately following your shift. Double check your data before you submit it (when the computer gives you the summary of the run you just entered). You will not be able to change the data once it is submitted. (Note: If you later find that your data is incorrect your instructor will be able to delete the original patient encounter and you will then need to re-enter the entire patient encounter. This is difficult and time consuming for both you and your instructor so please... double check your data before submitting it).

3. Preceptor Signature 
Please make sure you have filled out the Daily FISDAP Student Evaluation Form and have your preceptor sign it on every shift, even if you didn't have any runs, patient encounters or calls.

4. Data Entry is Required 
Your instructors have agreed to make this portion of your training mandatory. It is that important. We know that you are busy with the many requirements of life, school and work. The implications of this data will greatly affect how you are progressing and how future students will learn. Your time now is an investment in your success and your future.

5. Form Instructions 
The FISDAP patient care report must be completed entirely. All items must be documented as appropriate using acceptable charting methods. All charting/documentation will be done on forms issued by the CSM EMS program only.

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