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Structure and Contents

Program outlines:
  • The program is a three years academic and clinical training in EMS Paramedics. The fellow will be allowed a four-week holiday during the year.
Fellow Commitments:
  • The fellow is expected to work five days per week, and part of this time may be spent on non-clinical activities (research/teaching). The most typical working day will be from 07:30 AM to 4:30 PM, in addition to that s/he expected to cover on-call duty as per policy of the training site providing that total working hours are not to exceed 208 hours per month.
  • The fellow will attend a full day activity per week.
  • The fellow will be responsible for all the requirements needed to be accomplished in rotation areas 
  • Clinical subjects should be addressed with the supervising faculty. And the fellow’s monthly evaluation will be conducted by the supervising faculty. In terms of general questions related to the program, fellow is expected to consult the Academic Supervisor. The Program Director will provide an overall introduction to the fellowship; administer the evaluation of the fellow. Fellows are encouraged to discuss any clinical issues directly with the faculty involved. However, any concerns that are unable to be resolved directly should be addressed with the program director and the college deanship.