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Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Message from the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

The Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs of Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for EMS assumes the role of supporting the academic programs and departments to make the educational process runs smoothly according to the rules and regulations of the program curriculum, exams, and system of admission and registration at KSU. The Vice Deanship also works in harmony and agreement with the Departments and Units of the College to assure the effectiveness of the educational process with respect to registration, exams and applies the necessary regulations in all academic needs of the students and faculty members and contributes to the overall process toward academic accreditation for its programs.


Units affiliated to the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs in Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for EMS:

1- Students Affairs Unit: This unit contributes to preparing study schedules and organizing the registration process, deletion, and addition for the various courses of the college.

2- Students Rights Unit: This unit specializes in supporting the rights of students on the basis consistent with the applicable rules and regulations at KSU and to developing a culture of justice and fairness among students and providing them with the necessary consultations and informing them of their rights and responsibilities to be obtained through legal channels.

3- Examinations Unit: This unit involves organizing committees of the exams, distributing the proctors, and receiving test papers from other colleges, midterm, and supplementary tests.

4- Students Extracurricular Activities Unit: This unit aims to organize the extracurricular activities in the College, where we communicate with the students and join them in the events of the students' activities Such as: trips, theater, external and internal cultural competitions, and the week of blood donation.

5- Guidance and Counseling Unit: This unit receives and guides new students, acquaint them with the Departments of the College, prepare them for study, guide the students academically, psychologically, socially, and scientifically and provide them with the counseling, follow up the students who obtain low grades and those who are talented and study cases that need financial support from the students’ fund.

Dr. Osama A Samarkandi
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for EMS
King Saud University
P.O. Box 25063 Riyadh 11466
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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