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Smart Classroom

SMART Classrooms are your tool for more effective and efficient teaching. Our goal is to standardize all multimedia equipment in every classroom to allow faculty to have the same technical control and capabilities no matter where they are teaching on campus.

These multi-dimensional learning spaces have media cabinets that are equipped with a state of the art PC with internet capability and access to the Microsoft Suite of programs including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. They are also equipped with a DVD player, mounted ceiling projectors and complete sound systems. Designed with the end user in mind, our Smart Classrooms incorporate technology enhancements that provide user friendly access to multi-media presentation equipment. Always forward-thinking, Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for EMS is engaged in an ongoing technology initiative with plans to provide this type of multi-media enhancement in every classroom. The smart classrooms are built with the following equipment:

ePodium : An ePodium is all in one integrated solution equipped with built in computer with touch screen monitor, microphone, Speaker, Audio/video output and input channels. With the function of making and recording on teaching materials, ePodium enables presenter to deliver lecture or presentation. Access to ePodium is managed via password which is distributed to the faculty.

Smart Board : The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input. A projector is used to display a computer's video output on the interactive whiteboard, which then acts as a large touch screen. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard typically comes with pens, which use digital ink and replace traditional whiteboard markers.

Projector : Every classroom is equipped with a projector that is directly attached with the ePodium. The projector automatically get turned on once the smart classroom software finished loading and in the same way get turned off when you exit the smart classroom.

The Smart Classroom got the following software installed on ePodium:

Adobe Reader, Quick Time, MS Office2010, K-Lite Codec Pack, Mc Afee, Media Monkey, MS Silverlight, Flash Player, Picasa, Smart Notebook, SPSS, VLC Media Player, WinRar, Windows 7 Professional etc.



Facing Problem?


To report any problem related to Smart Classroom, Meeting Room,  visit: and open ticket.

If you face any difficulty with opening the ticket, go through this step by step pdf format guide.

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