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Services offered by the Unit

eLearning & IT Unit

The eLearning & IT Unit is fully committed to making effective use of learning technology, adding a creative dimension to learning and teaching using e-learning in a flexible, accessible and integrated manner. The unit supports a wide range of e-learning activities including IT support around the college campus.

Overview of services provided by eLearning & IT Unit

Learning Support Services (LMS):

Blackboard is the King Saud University web-based learning management system that improves every aspect of education. With KSU learning management system, instructors can easily put course information online. The KSU learning management system site is password protected and only students and instructors that are registered within the course have access to its content.

Learning management system is used for delivering Web-enhanced course content such as learning materials, class discussions and assessments. Content is added to LMS through the use of online content upload feature. Files created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and various other programs can be added into Blackboard. Usage of Blackboard at the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services includes distributing course readings, using the group function to assist students in developing collaborative projects, and using the discussion board as a way of extending the classroom conversation beyond the traditional setting.

The KSU learning management system functionalities can be divided broadly into two categories.


Announcements: Professors and teachers may post announcements for students to read. These can be found under the announcement tab, or can be made to pop-up when a student accesses Blackboard.

Chat: This function allows those students who are online to chat in real time with other students in their class section.

Discussions: This feature allows students and professors to create a discussion thread and reply to ones already created.

Mail: Blackboard mail allows students and teachers to send mail to one another. This feature supports mass emailing to students in a course.


Course content: This feature allows teachers to post article, assignments, videos etc.

Calendar: Teachers can use this function to post due dates for assignments and tests.

Learning modules: This feature is often used for strictly online classes. It allows professors to post different lessons for students to access.

Assessments: This tab allows professors to post quizzes and exams and allows students to access them anywhere there is an internet connection.

Assignments: This features allows for assignments to be posted and for students to be able to submit assignments online

Grade Book: Teachers and professors may post grades on Blackboard for students to view.

Media Library: Videos and other media may be posted under this function.

Smart Classroom:

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services is equipped with smart classrooms that are maintained by the College eLearning & IT unit. The smart classrooms are built with the following equipment:

ePodium: An ePodium is all in one integrated solution equipped with built in computer with touch screen monitor, microphone, Speaker, Audio/video output and input channels. With the function of making and recording on teaching materials, ePodium enables presenter to deliver lecture or presentation. Access to ePodium is managed via password which is distributed to the faculty.

Smart Board: The Smart Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input. A projector is used to display a computer's video output on the interactive whiteboard, which then acts as a large touch screen. The Smart Board interactive whiteboard typically comes with pens, which use digital ink and replace traditional whiteboard markers.

Projector: Every classroom is equipped with a projector that is directly attached with the ePodium. The projector automatically get turned on once the smart classroom software finished loading and in the same way get turned off when you exit the smart classroom.

The Smart Classroom got the following software installed on ePodium:
  • - Adobe Reader
  • - Quick Time
  • - MS Office2010
  • - K-Lite Codec Pack
  • - Mc Afee
  • - Media Monkey
  • - MS Silverlight
  • - Flash Player
  • - Picasa
  • - Smart Notebook
  • - VLC Media Player
  • - WinRar
  • - Windows 7      

Smart Classroom:

Faculty members who wish to have additional licensed instructional technology software installed on classroom ePodiums should contact eLearning & IT Unit.

Videoconferencing Support:

Videoconferencing technologies offer an excellent way to save time, money, and resources at the college. Consider the times when a group meeting, job interview, faculty presentation, or research collaboration could have been conducted more quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by joining all parties via videoconference.

Meeting Room:

Videoconferencing at Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services consists of two separate Polycom HDX 8000 fixed room systems that connect you to the world. The Polycom HDX 8000 is the latest product from Polycom that allows you to use the room's large format video projectors, multiple cameras and table top microphones. The system can make either IP or ISDN conference call to any compatible system worldwide. Our Polycom HDX 8000 codec is one of the latest in videoconferencing technology. The meeting room is equipped with cameras that are able to scan the entire room. Videoconferencing here at Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services involves both Group Videoconferencing as well as Personal Videoconferencing.

Group Videoconferencing: Group Videoconferencing is ideal for remote meetings, distance education classes, dissertation defenses and research collaborations. Group videoconferencing systems offer features beyond voice and video such as desktop sharing, document sharing, collaborative editing and virtual white boards. Sessions can also be recorded for later review or archive. Video call quality is often better than with personal videoconferencing systems due to more robust communications hardware.

Personal Videoconferencing: Personal videoconferencing requires access to several key pieces of hardware, including: a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, a webcam, a headset microphone, and a video chat application. Many video conferencing software applications are available at no cost:
  • - Skype
  • - Google Voice and Video
  • - Apple iChat
  • - ooVoo

The quality and reliability of personal videoconferencing varies depending on several factors, for example, the computer hardware you use, the speed of your Internet connection, and network traffic at the time of the call.

For general enquiries regarding video-conferencing please feel free to email eLearning & IT Unit at

Virtual Classroom:

To Support the virtual training the college is also equipped with virtual classroom. The Virtual Classroom allows for real time interaction between the instructor and the students but not in a classroom setup. They will not be present physically in the classroom but connected to the classroom via Internet using computers. It allows students and instructors to communicate with each other, and offers a forum for questions and answers. An archive of the chats can also be saved for those who weren't able to participate. The college is offering virtual classroom functionality through King Saud University web based learning management system provided by Blackboard Inc.

Wireless Network (WiFi):

The college is fitted out with the King Saud University Wireless Network that offers fast and reliable data connection speeds. The wireless network offers all the computing services that the wired network does. Once you are equipped with a WiFi supporting device the network will be completely accessible without the restraints of a network cable and jack. Wireless users can roam throughout the coverage zones and remain connected to the network. The university's WiFi network consists of two wireless networks
  • - KSU Staff: This network is exclusively intended for King Saud University employees
  • - KSU Students: This network is specially designed for the university students.

Both the wireless networks are securely encrypted, to make use of the WiFi facilities you must first connect to your respective network and then use your university mail id and password as username and password respectively.

IT Support:

In eLearning & IT Unit, we strive to provide effective information systems, technology and services in support of learning, teaching, research and administrative needs.

eLearning & IT Unit's team:

Dr. Osama A Samarkandi
eLearning & IT Unit Director
Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz College for Emergency Medical Services
King Saud University

Amjad Khan
Technologist – eLearning & IT Unit
Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz College for Emergency Medical Services
King Saud University
kamjad at

We are proud to serve the college and welcome your contributions and feedback to improvise our unit.

Please feel free to contact us:
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