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Basic Medical Science

Message from the HoD

Proceedings from the mission and vision of King Saud University (KSU) that rely on providing distinctive education, producing creative research, serving society and contributing in building the knowledge economy and community to the level that makes KSU a world class university and a leader in building the knowledge society, and based on the college desire to obtain the leadership in the region by preparing competitive and creative outputs in the major of emergency medical services through graduating qualified competencies to provide emergency medical care of high quality, the Basic Science Department at Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz College for Emergency Medical Services was established to meet and support the academic needs of the college through helping our students understanding the fundamental principles of some basic scientific subjects, improving their research skills and preparing them physically.

Dr. Sultan Mohammed Alghadeer
Chairman of Basic Science Department

Vision :

The Department of Basic Sciences aspires to the leadership and excellence nationally and universally in the fields of education, scientific research and community service by employing scientific potential in supporting the students in their  various specialties in the college.

And the vision of the Basic Sciences Department  stems from  the vision of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for EMS, which is derived from the vision of the university.

Mission :

Department of Basic Sciences in Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz College for EMS aims to provide advanced academic courses in different areas of basic sciences to the college students in their various specialties, as well as to support and provide scientific research in the areas of basic sciences and its applications to serve the community.

The Basic Sciences Department derives its mission from the mission of of Prince Sultan bin AbdulazizCollege for EMS ,which is derived from the mission of the university.

Goals :

The Department of Basic Sciences in Prince Sultan bin AbdulazizCollege for EMS aims to create a distinguished scientific base of fundamental sciences through providing materials and distinct academic programs to meet the requirements of the global academic standards.

Faculty Members of the Department

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Dr. Sultan M. Alghadeer       salghadeer
Dr. Osama A Samarkandi osamarkandi
Abdullah Mubarak A. Abdullah abmubarak 
Abdullah G. Algarni agalqarni
Rashid Hani Mukhtar rmukhtar
Yousef Abdulaziz M. Al-Majed yaalmajed
Mohammed Adel M. Al Janobi maljanoubi
Adnan Atiyyah  Al-Zahrani aalsalami
Waleed M Alazmy walazmy
Hisham Almuhaize (Secretary) halmuhaezae  

Department Courses Unit's Members :

    * EMS 213- Anatomy and physiology for emergency care
    * EMS 226- Physiology for emergency care
    * EMS 313 - Public health and safety for EMS specialists
    * EMS 423 - Research and evidence based practice
    * EMS 314 - Clinical Practice - 2
    * EMS 324 - Clinical Practice - 3
    * EMS 425 - Clinical Practice - 5

Courses Supervised  by the Department:

    * IC 107 - Professional Ethics
    * IC 106 - Medical Jurisprudence
    * IC 100 - Studies in the Biography of the Prophet
    * IC 105 - Human Rights
    * ARAB 103 -Expository Writing
    * EP 325 - Fitness and Performance at Work

Department Lab :

    * Anatomy Lab
    * Physiology Lab
    * Pathology and tissue Lab
    * Microbiology and Parasitology Lab
    * Pharmaceutical Lab
    * Clinical skills and simulation lab

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