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جامعة الملك سعود

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It gives me tremendous pleasure to express that Quality & Development Unit at Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz College for Emergency Medical Services was established on 6-11-1432 under the authority of Dr. Khalid Fouda, Dean of the College, with an aim to provide highest standards of Quality and Developmental activities/ culture for the College including Faculty, Employee’s and Program Development.


►Analyze, plan, design and implement continuous personal and professional development activities for the college staff.
►Ensure continuous personal and professional development of the faculties in order to achieve excellence in learning and teaching.
►Provide students opportunity for their personal and professional development necessary to serve the community as excellent health care providers.
►Work in collaboration with various departments in the college to continuously review the existing programs and activities and provide necessary development support to achieve the excellence.
►Work in collaboration with Quality and Accreditation Unit to contribute for achieving their aims and objectives.
►Analyze the need for new programs and activities under guidance of higher management and various stake holders and provide essential developmental support.
►Gain feedback and opinion from stake holders of various programs at college and contribute to implementation of the suggestions in order to ensure continuous development of the college and programs towards excellence.

Dr. Turkey B Albacker 
Vice Dean, Quality & Development Affairs
Prince Sultan College for Emergency Medical Services
King Saud University

التحديث صفر 1439هـ Updated March 2018