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Strategic Plan

Executive Summary
Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz for Emergency Medical Services was the first college to be established in the domain of emergency medical in the kingdom under a decision no. (23/49/1429) dated 27/9/1429 H taken by the relevant authorities. The establishment of the college stems from dedication of the country and its initiative to promoting the health development and the medical sector all over the country.

The strategic plan of the college included steps and phases which were taken to set the plan resulted in a number of procedures such as (visits to the health and medical sectors in the kingdom- workshops- questionnaires-meetings with leadership and staff of the university- stakeholders from the Saudi community) for the purpose of making SWOT analysis of the college and to recognize strength points-weakness points- opportunities-challenges and threats as well as identifying the needs of the medical sector and stakeholders and monitor the important issues regarding EMS to be included in the future strategy of the college.

What can be mentioned in determining the resources of setting the strategic plan for Prince Sultan College of EMS, is its utilization and links with strategic plans of the Ministry of Higher Education and the strategic plan of the university as well as the seventh and eighth development plan and the five-year plan of the university, in addition to its benefits from the bench-marking of the international peer of educational colleges and institutes in the same domain.

It has been benefited from the expectations, steps and phases of preparing the strategic plan of the college in setting and formulating the vision-mission and a set of strategic objectives in line with the vision and mission of the university, and achieving the hopeful excellence for the college on International and Arab level and stating in brief of what have been taken as follows.

International excellence and regional leadership in preparing competitive and innovative outputs in the majors of Emergency Medical Services.

Graduating competent grandaunts to provide high quality emergency medical services, through the supportive educational environment, the distinctive scientific research, continuous medical education, optimal use of the recent technology, the best use of the available resources and the effective partnership.

Core Values
Prince Sultan College of EMS seeks to have an excellent medical contribution through identifying a set of values as follows:

Excellence and Quality
The college is committed to achieving the quality as a basis of reaching the excellence and strives to be distinguished in all aspects of education, research and services in line with the international criteria to meet the expectations of the stakeholders and answer their inquiries.

Innovation and Creativity
The college is committed to creativity at work and working to raise the spirit of creativity in the means and the outputs

Honesty and Professionalism
Making the honesty and professionalism as a drive of quality and excellence, for that the college has been established with the belief of inseparability between the honesty and the committed professionalism, planning and evaluation.

Working as one team
The college is committed to working as a team to promote the leading role of the college in the domain of EMS inside and outside the kingdom.

Long-life Evidence-based education
The college is committed to graduating a well-trained and highly qualified cadres in the aspect of practicing evidence based education for life as a means for research and education to ensure providing a distinguished emergency medical care within international ethical basis promote the spirit of creativity.

Credibility and Accountability
The college is committed to setting a clear standards ruled by secured laws for the health of the patient and the specific responsibility of the physician to limit the risks of any medical negligence and to ensure a secured environment compatible with needs and expectations of the stakeholders.

Building bridges of communication and enhancing partnership among the health sectors to set-up a distinguished health sector, depending on healthy integration between the peer colleges and institutes National and Internationally.

التحديث جمادى الآخر 1439هـ Updated February 2018