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Faculty Resources

Forms of development and quality Lecturer System Sabbatical Leave
Forms of assessing the courses. Enable lecturer  to communicate electronically from anywhere and at anytime with the University in order to submit a registration. A system to serve faculty members applying for a sabbatical leave and tracks the status of the request in terms of the various credits and aspects.
Translation Center Letter of Introduction Faculty Appointment
A system to benefit from the experiences and competencies of faculty members in the language sections by building an information base for translators who are cooperating from different specialties. This system works to serve all employees and affiliates of the university. It sends them mail introducing them to the university generally, and provides information about their salary and allowances. Manages the appointment of faculty members and follow-ups automatically. Also provides the necessary statistics and periodic reports accurately and in a timely manner.
Tawasol ISI Web of Knowledge Scarcity of Allowance
SMS messaging service based on the activation of communication between stakeholders and beneficiaries, and participation between these groups through sophisticated systems and the latest technology. A range of publications issued by research centers in various specializations, in line with the scientific goals of the publication, to publish the latest research and studies, and the conclusions they reached. A system that enables a faculty member to complete the procedures for allowances for rare or special cases electronically and quickly, to save time and make the process easier to follow.
Query Transaction Suggestions and Complaints Deanship of Faculty
This system allows all the employees of the university access to all the transactions in various departments and administrative units in a simple and accessible manner. A system that allows for the submission of any complaint or proposal by recording personal data and then forwarding it to the competent and relevant authority in accordance with the accredited mechanisms. Programs and services that are integrated with everything related to faculty members, as well as attracting the most qualified individuals outside KSU to teach at the University.
Promotion Of Faculty Members Electronic Services Forms Builder
An information system that conducts follow-ups concerning the application process and displays information for decision-makers to make the appropriate decision regarding the promotion. This system allows all of the university's employees to check their vacation schedules, financial dues, and the online services available for them. It also shows them their tasks and pending requests. A system that allows employees of the university to create forms and questionnaires, which can be used in various fields and can get results in a simpler way.
Training Courses Teaching Load External Joint Supervision Program
A system to provide applicants with training courses or workshops by faculty members with the ability to see the status of the request and follow-up on its development in all stages. Automated system that performs a calculation of the teaching load, where the request is sent to the Dean for approval and then to the Deanship personnel necessary to complete. A system that allows students, whose circumstances prevented them from completing their higher studies outside, to realize their ambitions and complete their studies from home, in collaboration with international institutes and universities.
Support Unit For Demonstrators & Lecturers Faculty Websites Accessibility
A program that aims to clarify and define the conditions and requirements necessary to accept teaching assistants and lecturers, and communicate with them. A program to create and design personal pages for faculty members according to their desires and specialties, as well as providing all services available to them. It’s an online service that has been prepared so that the employees of the university with special needs can report any obstacles, whether electronic or structural (the architecture), that hinders their arrival and work.
Clearances Rewards Excellence Off Campus login
A system to facilitate the clearance procedures, it will save time and effort for employees of the university and ensure the accuracy of the information, the completion of the procedures and the follow-up necessary. A system that checks the procedures specifying and allocating rewards for excellent faculty members automatically, and in an easy and friendly manner. Off campus login
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